17 - 22 July Toronto, Canada
The 27th International Conference
on Atomic Physics


Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below

Can I still register?

Yes! Registration is still open. (See the red Register button above?) You can even register on-site at the conference venue.

When does the meeting start and end?

There is a 5pm Sunday (17 July) reception, and plenary sessions start at 8:40am Monday (18 July) at the Royal Conservatory. Each day ends with a 5pm to 6:30pm poster session at Hart House. On Friday (22 July), the last session ends at 12:20pm, followed by a farewell event that wraps up at 2pm.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend this conference in-person?

Proof of vaccination is required to enter Canada, but not enforced by the University of Toronto as of May 2022.

Should I wear a mask?

Yes, we recommend masks wherever practical. We will have some available at the registration desk.

How big should my poster be?

Printed posters should have a "landscape" aspect ratio, and fit on a standard 8ft-by-4ft poster board, i.e. roughly 2m by 1m. More precisely, the boards are 3 ft 9 inches (114cm) high x 7 ft 9 inches (236cm) wide. Your poster needs to be a bit smaller than that to fit; of course, they can be much smaller too... no need to fill the space.

Are meals included in the in-person conference?

No, due to the planning complexity of our event and uncertainty about COVID-19-related restrictions, no meals will be offered. The conference site is adjacent to many restaurants, allowing convenient lunch and dinner options. We will host a welcome reception and a farewell event, both with light snacks.

What should I do for lunch?

You'll only have 90 minutes for lunch, so might want to make a plan. Here are a few that we can suggest: 1. The "b espresso bar" resident in the RCM can serve about 100 people lunch. We think they will be quickly overwhelmed by the 500 people attending ICAP, so suggest you only use this as a last resort. 2. Bloor St West: Walk west from the RCM along Bloor street. Once you are past Spadina, you will see numerous restaurants that cater to students. Fresh, on the north side just before Spadina, is slightly more upscale but a Toronto institution. You can keep walking all the way to Bathurst, and then take the TTC back to St George for a quick return to the RCM. 3. The Duke: Just north of the RCM is the Duke of York [39 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto M5R 1B2]. They have a large capacity, outdoor seating, and pub-style fare. 4. Mercurio: Just 3 minutes' walk west is L'Espresso Bar Mercurio. If you're lucky, you might spot Margarete Atwood -- it's her favourite place. 5. Cumberland St: Get take-out from Kupfert & Kim, or one of the places along Cumberland St just east of Avenue Rd, and sit in one of the public tables in the Village of Yorkville Park. 6. Ritual take-out: Download the Ritual app, and order take-out from a local restaurant. Come back to the Philosopher's Walk adjacent to the RCM to find a comfortable bench or grassy knoll. 7. Eataly: For an upscale experience, head to Eataly at the Manulife Centre [55 Bloor St W, Toronto M4W 1A6]. The Manulife is about 8 minutes' walk from the RCM and has a few more options inside. 8. Whole foods. Just around the corner from the RCM is a Whole Foods [87 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 3R9], which offers a hot buffet, salad bar, pizza, and sandwiches.

Are lab tours offered at the University of Toronto?

Yes! Lab tours are offered at 2:30pm-4:30pm Sunday (17 July), and again from 2:30pm to 4:30pm on Friday (22 July). Labs are located at McLennan Physical Labs, the home of the physics department, which is at 60 St George Street, about 15 minutes' walk from the Royal Conservatory.

Where should I go for dinner?

A great way to see Toronto is to eat. Cuisine is diverse and reasonably priced. But where to go? Toronto is organized into neighborhoods, each of which have their own style. These geographical 'islands' of clustered shops and restaurants are separated by a sea of Edwardian houses dating from a century ago, or by numerous recently built condo buildings. In short: you need to pick a neighborhood! Here are four recommendations: 1. Bloor St West. Bloor Street feels like what you'd expect near a university. Start at Bloor & Spadina and walk west to find bookstores, student restaurants, and a lot of life. You'll see line-ups for the popular places, but there is always room somewhere. West of Bathurst is 'little Korea'. West of Christie Pits park are a cluster of Ethiopian restaurants. Among them you'll find Vit Beo [858 Bloor St W, Toronto M6G 1M2], an edgy Vietnamese place not to be missed. A subway line runs along the entire street; look for "TTC" signs that mark stations. 2. Spadina / Chinatown / Kensington. Lining the Spadina Ave south of College, and spilling over Dundas St, is one of the three areas in Toronto referred to as 'chinatown'. Many an equation has been written on napkins at Pho Hung [350 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON M5T 2G4]. If you happen to in the area for lunch, walk west into Kensington Market, one of the most eclectic neighborhoods of the city. However, most restaurants there shut down by 7p. 3. Little Italy / College St West. Despite the name, this popular destination is far from homogenous. In the heart of Little Italy, you might try Cafe Diplomatico [594 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B3], who sets up a large outside patio in the summer. Around little Italy are a number of fun places. In the mood for board games? Snakes & Lattes [489 College St, Toronto, M6G 1A5] has over 1000 to choose from. Closer to Bathurst, Sneaky Dee's [431 College St, Toronto, M5T 1T1] offers big portions and inexpensive beverages. 4. The Danforth / Greektown. Hop on the Bloor line east and head to Chester Station, or take a cab to the corner of Hampton & Danforth. There you will find a street lined with cafes and restaurants.

How can I meet up with other ICAP participants after dinner?

Looking for ICAPers outside of conference hours? We suggest these three places for informal gathering: 1. Prenup [191 College St, Toronto M5T 1P9] is at the south edge of campus, a 10-minute walk from the poster session. Their beer list is fantastic, and also offered at sister establishment Sin & Redemption [136 McCaul St, Toronto M5T 1W2] 8 minutes’ walk south on McCaul. 2. Pamenar [307 Augusta Ave, Toronto, M5T 2M2] is fun and relaxed place. It's small though... Can't get in? Try Ronnie's Local [69 Nassau St, Toronto, M5T 1M7] or El Rey [2a Kensington Ave, Toronto M5T 2J7] at the south end of the Kensington Market area. 3. Future Bistro [483 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1Y2] has a large patio and a cult following. Can’t get in? Further west on Bloor there are numerous pubs.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 and I can no longer attend the conference?

We encourage everyone to obtain insurance that covers you for this potential scenario. Registration fees will not be reimbursed after the cancellation deadline. Self-testing kits are available for free at local drugstores and supermarkets.

What is the cancellation policy for registration?

Cancellations are permitted until June 15, 2022. Registrants will receive a full refund less a CAD $100 administrative fee. Cancellations must be submitted via email to the Conference Secretariat no later than the June 15, 2022 by emailing icap2022secretariat@venuewest.com. If payment was previously made by bank transfer (or e-Transfer from a Canadian bank account), the notification must include all the relevant information regarding the bank account to which a possible refund may be remitted. Registrants wishing to cancel after June 15, 2022, will not be eligible for a refund; however, transfer of the registration to another delegate is acceptable. You can also convert to virtual attendance, but unfortunately no financial refund can be given due to commitments already made to meeting operations. For Canada visa application denials, the cancellation policy will be extended by one month to July 15, 2022, provided you submitted your application on or before April 15, 2022. Applicants must provide proof of the visa application date, the appointment date, and the denial letter to receive a refund. If you test positive for COVID-19 prior to travelling and are unable to attend, refunds will not be issued. We encourage all participants to purchase trip insurance to cover this or any other medical cancellation eventuality.

What happens if the in-person conference is forced to cancel?

In the unfortunate case the in-person conference is forced to cancel, it will proceed as a virtual event and all registration fee categories will be converted to the virtual rate.

Can I convert my in-person registration to virtual registration?

Yes, you may do so prior to 15 June 2022, to receive a refund for the difference in fees. We will honour the original price category (regular or late) that you selected during your initial registration. After 15 June, we can still convert your attendance option to virtual, but will not be able to provide a financial refund (due to committed costs to run the meeting). Please contact us with your registration number and your poster submission ID, so we can make the appropriate changes. Thank you.

Can I bring my children to the conference?

Please contact the conference organizers if you need assistance with child care expenses.

How do I obtain a letter of invitation?

To receive an invitation letter, delegates must first register for the conference and letters will only be issued to attendees who have paid for their registration in full. All delegates who require a visa should start their application process at least three months prior to the Conference, as wait times for a visa interview can be long.